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Chulmleigh Old Fair Tuesday 28th July - Saturday 2nd August 2015: Under Royal Charter since 1253 (2015)

Devonshire Dales Centre: Business plan (1998)

Opportunities for all ([1994])

Chulmleigh Old Fair Tuesday 22nd July - Saturday 26th July 2014: Under Royal Charter since 1253 (2014)

Chulmleigh conservation area character appraisal: draft ([2012])

Who's who in Chulmleigh 1995 (1995)

Who's who in Chulmleigh 2001 (2001)

Who's who in Chulmleigh 2005 (2005)

Chulmleigh Old Fair Tuesday 27th July - Saturday 31st July: Royal Charter granted 1253 : 1253 - 2004 (2004)

Who's who in Chulmleigh 2004 (2004)

The church of Chulmleigh (1907)

John B. Pearson (Church historian)

Etymology of the place-names Nympton and Chulmleigh (1910)

Walter W. Skeat

Nineteenth century economic and population change at Chulmleigh (1970)

Rosemary D. F. Bromley

Administering the poor law in Chulmleigh c.1800 (1995)

R. C. M. Bass

Sanctuary in Chulmleigh church (1914)

H. Michell Whitley

Poor relief in Chulmleigh in the early eighteenth century (1986)

R. C. M. Bass

Chulmleigh parish: 125 years of photographs (2003)

Chulmleigh Community College: Information for New pupils and Parents September 1990 (1990)

A trip of sheer delight: the story of the Chulmleigh Bus Service (1998)

Roger Grimley

Chulmleigh County Primary School, Chulmleigh ... inspection ... 9-11 February 1998 (1998)

Getting crafty in my old age: part of a talk given by Tony Mann ([1997?)

Tony Mann

Who's who in Chulmleigh 1994 (1994)

Who's who in Chulmleigh 1993 (1993)

Chulmleigh: a journey of discovery (1997)

Chulmleigh Community College, Chulmleigh ... inspection ... 12-15 May 1997 (1997)

Poems ([1980])

Kathleen M Rowland

Chulmleigh old fair, 23rd July-27th July 1996 (1996)

Who's who in Chulmleigh 1996 (1996)

A guide to the parish church of St.Mary Magdalene, Chulmleigh, Devon. (1976)

Guide ..

Chulmleigh town trail (1980s)

Colleton Manor Chulmleigh (1993)

R. C. M. Bass

Chulmleigh appraisal report 1987 (1988)

Who's who in Chumleigh 1995 (1995)

Tracing the Webbers (1995)

Olive Mooney

Soils in Devon V: sheet SS61 (Chulmleigh) (1981)

T. R. Harrod

Chulmleigh: a memorandum on the dating of the chapel and the Reverend Lewis Stuckley 1622-1687

Lesley Fisher

A short history of Chulmleigh Congregational Church, Devon 1633- 1983: [Published] to commemorate the 350th Anniversary ([1983])

Elsie Chamberlain (Reverend)

Geology of the country around Chulmleigh: memoir for 1:50000 geological sheet 309. (1979)

Edward Cameron Freshney

Chulmleigh old fair, July 24-28, 1984 [fair programme] (1984)

Chulmleigh non-statutory local plan, adopted 19th October 1988 (1988)

The Wembworthy Centre (1989)

Chulmleigh non-statutory local plan (1988)

The Edworthy scandals: the will and the brawl: how the Church courts dealt with the delinquents and ... spent the Poor Rates (1990)

R. C. M. Bass

Information for parents ([1991])

Chulmleigh Girls' School, later the primary school ([1989])

R. C. M. Bass

Chulmleigh before the Black Death (1987)

R. C. M. Bass

The Domesday survey of 1086 and the country round Chulmleigh in north Devon (1986)

R. C. M. Bass

Chulmleigh: short history and walkround guide (1986)

Jack Mair

The welfare state in Chulmleigh in the early XVIIIth century as glimpsed through pages of Poor Account Book from Chulmleigh Chur (1984)

R. C. M. Bass