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Westward the women: a challenge to the women of today (1957)

Nancy Wilson Ross

An atlas of the wild flowers of Britain and northern Europe (1978)

Alastair Fitter

Lord Vanity (1954)

Samuel Shellabarger

William and Dorothy (1938)

Helen Rosaline Ashton

Parson Austen's daughter (1949)

Helen Rosaline Ashton

The archaeology of South West Britain (1981)

Pearce, Susan M.

Wheels of fortune (1979)

William Rayner

the Black Death (1972)

Philip Ziegler

Collins tracing your family history (2008)

Anthony Adolph

Wessex: England's landscape (2006)

Barry Cunliffe

Guernsey holiday map (2003)

South West England. (2003)

Devon (1964)

Hoskins, W. G.

South West England & Wales. (2000)

Jersey holiday map. (2000)

The Spanish Armadas (1972)

Graham, Winston

Guernsey, Sark and Alderney holiday map. (1999)

South West England & Wales. (1999)

South West England & Wales. (1998)

Alfred the Great and his England (1957)

Eleanor Shipley Duckett

The king's war 1641-1647 (1959)

C. V. Wedgwood

The king's peace 1637-1641 (1955)

C. V. Wedgwood

Nimrud and its remains (1966)

Max Mallowan (Sir)

Wessex (1984)

Humphrey Welfare

South West England. (1996)

Devon (1954)

Hoskins, W. G.

Devon (1959)

Hoskins, W. G.

The voyage of the Armada: the Spanish story (1981)

David Howarth

The Elizabethan deliverance (1980)

Arthur Bryant

Parish and empire: studies and sketches (1952)

Jack Simmons

Devon (1964)

Hoskins, W. G.

Loyalists and loners (1986)

Michael Foot

The English Channel: a history (1959)

James Alexander Williamson

A mingled yarn (1976)

Alan Gibson

Addington: a life of Henry Addington, first Viscount Sidmouth (1965)

Philip Ziegler

Cowan's war; the story of British naval operations in the Baltic 1918 - 1920 (1964)

Geoffrey Martin Bennett

Cornwall (1984, )

Jack R. Ravensdale

From Caesar to Arthur (1960)

Geoffrey Ashe

The archaeology of south west Britain (1981)

Susan M. Pearce

Wessex (1951)

Grigson, Geoffrey

The Lost land: underwater explorer in the Isles of Scilly (1958)

John Dunbar

The companion guide to Devon (1991)

Shirley Toulson

The companion guide to Devon and Cornwall (1976)

Darrell Bates

Devon (1954)

Hoskins, W. G.

West Country (1951)

Grigson, Geoffrey