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Reptiles and amphibians in Britain (1983)

Deryk Frazer

Freshwater life: Britain and Northern Europe (2007)

Malcolm Greenhalgh

A history of ornithology (2007)

P. M. M. Bircham

British birds of prey: a study of Britain's 24 diurnal raptors (1976)

Leslie Brown

British tits (1979)

Christopher Perrins

Wildfowl (2009)

David Cabot

Rural amateur (1943)

Clifford Hornby

Bird life in Cornwall (1948)

B.H Ryves

Dragonflies (2008)

Philip S. Corbet

Mammals in the British Isles (1982)

L. Harrison Matthews

Bird migration (2010)

Ian Newton

British thrushes (1978)

Eric Simms

Waders (1980)

W. G. Hale