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Finding wild flowers (1971)

Richard Fitter

An atlas of the wild flowers of Britain and northern Europe (1978)

Alastair Fitter

Plant life (1977)

C. T. Prime

The pollination of flowers (1973)

M. C. F. Proctor

Collins guide to mushrooms & toadstools (1965)

Morten Lange

A field guide to the trees of Britain and Northern Europe (1974)

Alan Mitchell (Dendrologist)

Vegetation of Britain and Ireland (2013)

M. C. F. Proctor

Freshwater life: Britain and Northern Europe (2007)

Malcolm Greenhalgh

Mosses and liverworts (2005)

Ron Porley

Fungi (2004)

B. M. Spooner

Marjorie Blamey's flowers of the countryside (1980)

Marjorie Blamey

Fruits, nuts and berries and conspicuous seeds (1984)

Marjorie Blamey

Marjorie Blamey's portraits of wild flowers (1985)

Marjorie Blamey

The wild flowers of Britain and northern Europe (1974)

Richard Fitter