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Westward the women: a challenge to the women of today (1957)

Nancy Wilson Ross

Short walks in Dorset (2011)

Short walks in Cornwall (2011)

Unfinished portrait (2009)

Westmacott, Mary

Collins 30-minute sketching (2008)

Alwyn Crawshaw

The voices of children (2007)

Morpurgo, Michael

The common lands of England and Wales (1964)

W. G. Hoskins

Alwyn Crawshaw's paints ultimate painting course (2006)

Alwyn Crawshaw

The West (2006)

Watercolour (2006)

Alwyn Crawshaw

Tracing your home's history (2006)

Anthony Adolph

The South West (2006)

Wessex: England's landscape (2006)

Barry Cunliffe

Michael Morpurgo: stories from the children's laureate : The butterfly lion - Cool! - Dear Olly - Toro! toro! - Privatep eaceful (2005)

Morpurgo, Michael

The Isles of Scilly (2007)

Rosemary Parslow

Alwyn Crawshaw's oil painting course (2004)

Alwyn Crawshaw

Private Peaceful (2003)

Morpurgo, Michael

The gentle giant (2003)

Morpurgo, Michael

Guernsey holiday map (2003)

South West England. (2003)

The Merlin conspiracy (2003)

Dianna Wynne Jones

Cool ! (2002)

Morpurgo, Michael

Devon (1964)

Hoskins, W. G.

The dancing bear ([2002?)

Morpurgo, Michael

Mr.Skip (2002)

Morpurgo, Michael

Farm boy (1999)

Morpurgo, Michael

Billy the kid (2002)

Morpurgo, Michael

Toro! Toro! (2001)

Morpurgo, Michael

Dear Olly (2001)

Morpurgo, Michael

Dragoman Pass: an adventure in the Balkans (1959)

Williams, Eric

South West England & Wales. (2000)

Dear Olly (2000)

Morpurgo, Michael

Jersey holiday map. (2000)

Dartmoor (1970)

L. A. Harvey

Dartmoor (1962)

L. A. Harvey

Cycling in Somerset and Wiltshire (2000)

Wombat goes walkabout (1999)

Morpurgo, Michael

Sir Francis Drake (1966)

James Alexander Williamson

The Spanish Armadas (1972)

Graham, Winston

Short studies on great subjects ([187-])

James Anthony Froude

Guernsey, Sark and Alderney holiday map. (1999)

South West England & Wales. (1999)

Cycling in Cornwall and Devon (1999)

Golden hours with Samuel Taylor Coleridge (18--)

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Coleridge (1942)

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

British windmills and watermills (193-)

C. P. Skilton

Lorna Doone ... ([19--?)

Blackmore, Richard Doddridge

Filings of gold (19--)

Charles Kingsley

The rose and the yew tree (1985)

Westmacott, Mary

South West England & Wales. (1998)