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British windmills and watermills (193-)

C. P. Skilton

Filings of gold (19--)

Charles Kingsley

Deep sea (1913)

Francis Brett Young

The king's war 1641-1647 (1959)

C. V. Wedgwood

The king's peace 1637-1641 (1955)

C. V. Wedgwood

Parish and empire: studies and sketches (1952)

Jack Simmons

Devonshire ([1930?)

Cecily M Rutley

King Arthur's Avalon: the story of Glastonbury (1957)

Geoffrey Ashe

A mingled yarn (1976)

Alan Gibson

John Gay: his place in the eighteenth century (1938)

Phoebe Fenwick Gaye

Nancy: the life of Lady Astor (1972)

Christopher Sykes

The common lands of England and Wales (1963)

Hoskins, W. G.

The companion guide to Devon and Cornwall (1976)

Darrell Bates

The Devon and Somerset staghounds 1907-1936 (1936)

Edward T. MacDermot

Devon (1954)

Hoskins, W. G.

Dartmoor (1953)

L. A. Harvey

West Country (1951)

Grigson, Geoffrey