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True porcelain pioneers: the Cookworthy chimera 1670-1782 (2016)

Brian Adams

Plymouth china (1912)

G. H. Radford

The story of William Cookworthy (1972)

Hubert Cornish Fox

William Cookworthy 1705 - 1780: a commemorative exhibition of his Plymouth and Bristol porcelain (1955)

Relics of William Cookworthy, discoverer of the Cornish china- clay and stone ... founder of the British porcelain manuf ... (1853)

John Prideaux (West Country geologist)

The story of William Cookworthy: maker of porcelain and man of peace (1995)

Hubert Cornish Fox

William Cookworthy: 1705-1780 ... (1972)

John Penderill-Church

Memoir of William Cookworthy (1854)

Cookworthy 1705-80 and his circle (1978)

Albert Douglas Selleck

An act for enlarging the term of letters patent, granted by his present Majesty to William Cookworthy of Plymouth, chymist, ..: Statutes 1775. Public ; 15 Geo 3 c. 52 (1775)

Cookworthy the man: personality and potter ([1984?)

John Penderill-Church

William Cookworthy (1895)

Theodore Compton

Memoir of William Cookworthy: formerly of Plymouth, Devonshire (1854)

G. Harrison