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Wheal Trenwith (2009)

Trevega Bal/Brea Consols (2007)

A history of Giew Mine (1984)

Bal Du Mine or West Wheal Reeth (1986)

Tindene Mine (1988)

West Godolphin Mine (1989)

Tregembo Mine (1990)

West Great Work Mine (1991)

Polrose mine (1993)

Wheal Conquer (2010)

Rosewall Hill and Ranson United Mines (2008)

Ding Dong mine: a history ([2014])

Joseph, Peter

The decline of great work and the foramtion of Wheal Reeth Tin Ltd (1992)

Parbola Mine (1994)

Georgia Consoles (1995)

Ding Dong: its orgin and early working (1996)

Ding Dong: the 19th century and beyond (1997)

Great Western mines (1999)

Giew Mine revisted (2000)

Drift Valley - its mines, bounds and stream works (2003)

Nancegollen Mine (2005)