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Cracker Cinema, Exmouth at the home of peter Newland, with vido projectionist Peter Newland and usherette Rebecca Newland. 8.7.92 (1992)

Bowden, Jeff

Crowds outside the Odeon Cinema, Exeter. 2.6.96 (1996)

Ian Cooper

The Picture House Cinema, Exeter nears completion. 7.10.96 (1996)

Derek Meredith

The retirement of John Wedgwood, projectionist at the Odeon Cinema, Exeter ([1979])

Work in progress to add a fourth screen at the Odeon Cinema, Exeter. 17.5.88 (1988)

New disco at the Odeon Cinema, Exeter. 26.4.75 (1975)

Projectionist Barry Jenkins, left, and manager Wally Jones with some of the audience at the very last Saturday morning picture show at the ABC Cinema, Exeter. 31.5.82 (1982)

John Ffoulkes

Mark Knight, left, Tom Dixon and Barbara Haddon from the Exeter Archaeological Field Unit excavate the site of the former ABC Cinema. 16.2.88 (1988)

Davison, Chris

The opening of The Flintstones film at the Odeon Cinema, Exeter. 22.7.94 (1994)

The opening of The Flintstones film at the Odeon Cinema, Exeter. 22.7.94 (1994)

Modernisation of Odeon Cinema, Exeter. 12.9.86 (1986)

Odeon Cinema, Exeter. 27.8.87 (1987)

Crowds leaving the Odeon Cinema, Exeter after the premiere of the new Batman film. 11.8.89 (1989)

Davison, Chris

Gaumont Cinema, North Street, Exeter (1946)

Odeon Cinema, Exeter. 7.8.86 (1986)

A party of schoolchildren fron St.Sidwell's School visiting the Odeon Cinema, Exeter, to see Star Wars. 27.4.78 (1978)

Wnifred Walsh about to serve her last ice cream at the ABC Cinema, Exeter. 4.6.87 (1987)

Mark Nova

Savoy Cinema, Exmouth. 16.6.88 (1988)

Odeon Cinema, Exeter. 24.11.94 (1994)

Meredith, Derek

Savoy Cinema, Exmouth. 16.6.88 (1988)

Savoy Cinema, Exmouth. 24.7.1987 (1987)

Savoy Cinema, Exmouth. 19.9.1986 (1986)

Savoy Cinema, Exmouth ([1983?])

Final farewell from the staff of the ABC Cinema, Exeter. 4.6.1987 (1987)

Palace, Bideford. 16.4.1969 (1969)