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Okehampton's Giglet Fair, revived after 45 years. 29.12.87 (1987)

Chris Passingham

William Agar feels the weight of a rolling pin wielded by wife Joanna at the Colyford Goose Fair. 30.9.90 (1990)

Giglet Fair, Okehampton. 14.12.91 (1991)

Competitors at the start of the Kenn Charter Fair fun run. 22.8.92 (1992)

Ffoulkes, John

Giglet Fair, Okehampton. 14.12.91 (1991)

Branscombe Apple Pie queen, Rebecca Reddaway. 24.9.88 (1988)

Crowds flock to Bampton village for the street fayre. 27.10.94 (1992)

Viccy Wilcox

Colyford Goose Fair cancelled. 28.9.91 (1991)

Branscombe Apple Pie queen, Lisa Somers, with princess Sarah Knowles and attendant Morwenna Marchant. 16.9.90 (1990)

Bowden, Jeff

Crowds gather for Bampton Fair. 29.10.92 (1992)

Mark Nova

Some of the inhabitants of Colyford dressed in traditional costume at the village's traditional Goose Fair. 30.9.90 (1990)

Villagers in period costume processed throuth the village to the Colyford Goose Fair site. 30.9.90 (1990)

Branscombe Apple Pie Fair is being held for the first time in 30 years and the last Apple Pie Fair queen, Mary Bulford crowns the new queen, Rebecca Reddaway. 19.9.88 (1988)

Meredith, Derek

Topsham Town Fayre Queen Vicki Holwill with attendants Sarah Hibbert, Samoantha Goff and Robert Raddon. 12.6.92 (1992)

Mike Drew

Nick Lawn, right, and Ben Baxendale at one of the stalls at Stallcombe House Strawberry Fair, Exmouth. 6.7.91 (1991)

Bowden, Jeff

Topsham Town Fayre Queen Sharon Gentry. 17.8.90 (1991)

Topsham Town Fayre pavement art competition. 20.8.90 (1990)

Topsham Town Fayre fancy dress competition. 18.8.90 (1990)

Exeter City footballers Richard Young, left, and Ben Rowe crown Topsham Town Fayre Queen Eva Marie Williams. 18.8.90 (1990)

Young artists at the Topsham Town Fayre pavement art competition. 21.8.89 (1989)

The Mayor of Exeter, Diana Bass, crowns Topsham Town Fayre Queen Debbie Fiddes, watched by attendants Kerrie Rennie, Carla Thomas and Jordan Edworthy. 19.8.89 (1989)

Television personality Laurie Quayle crowns Topsham Town Fayre Queen Maria Ragless, watched by attendants Linda Passmore, Jodie Pym and Richard Pym. 20.8.88 (1988)

Town criers Doug Fletcher and Steve Cunliffe lead the bandthrough the streets at the start of the Topsham Town Fayre. 22.8.87 (1987)

Colyford Goose Fair. 25.9.93 (1993)

Master of Geese, Peter Rusling, keeping the fire alight at the ram roast at Colyford Goose Fair. 30.9.90 (1990)

Ian Searle, with Janet and Rick Bristow, from the Wheelwrights Inn, running the beer tent at the Colyford Goose Fair. 30.9.90 (1990)

Branscombe Apple Pie queen, Yvonne Powell, flanked by princesses Susan Rockey, left, and Kazia Kazia Poweell. 5.9.89 (1989)

St. John's Fayre, Witheridge. 22.6.1996 (1996)

Meredith, Derek

Thorverton fair. 29.6.1973 (1973)

Robin Hood and his merry men at Dalwood Country Fair. 22.8.1991 (1991)

Chris Garson