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Work on the outfall systen near Maer Rocks at Exmouth. 21.3.88 (1988)

Workman dig trial trenches in Phear Park, Exmouth, at the site of a controversial sewage pumping station. 14.9.91 (1991)

New sewer works in Phear Park, Exmouth. 27.2.92 (1992)

Residents of Imperial Road, Exmouth complain about the smell from the outfall pipe close to their homes. 25.10.93 (1993)

Scott Drew

Steve Triner and David Mitcheson launch test cards at the Maer land sewage works, Exmouth. 27.7.92 (1992)

Derek Meredith

South West Project Peter Brookes, left, and chairman of Exmouth Town Committee Barry Willoughby at the opening of the Exmouth sewerage scheme. 11.10.93 (1993)

Andy Young emerges from the entrance sewage treatment works at Lympstone. 31.3.92 (1992)

Jackson, Ian

Peter Brooks pictured at the site of the Phear Park sewage scheme. 18.5.94 (1994)

BNew sewer at Exmouth. 10.12.71 (1971)