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The King's General in the West: the life of Sir Richard Granville, 1600-1659 (1908)

Roger Granville

The wild orchids of Britain (1950)

Jocelyn Brooke

Dark beneath the moon (1997)

Christine Purkis

Rough cider (1986)

Lovesey, Peter

Horseshoes and handlebars: a book for boys and girls (1958)

Mary Evelyn Atkinson

Riders and raids (1955)

Mary Evelyn Atkinson

The compassionate lady (1956)

K. Joyce Blackley

The Bodley Head Saki (1963)

Saki (Pseudonym of Hector Hugh Munro)

Black sheep (1966)

Georgette Heyer

Fifty years of a showman's life (1919)

Thomas Forder Plowman

The letters of Hannah More (1925)

More, Hannah

On the left of a throne (1914)

Evan Nepean (Mrs)

The natural history of Selborne (1900)

Gilbert White

Wild flowers round the year (1933)

Hilda M. Coley

Anglo-Saxon England (1978)

David Brown

Rome and the barbarians (1975)

Barry Cunliffe

Attila the Hun: Barbarian terror and the fall of the Roman Empire (2008)

Christopher Kelly

The archaeology of industry (1976)

Kenneth Hudson

The little farm (1905)

The Bowring story (1962)

David Keir

The speakers of the house of commons: from the earliest times to the present day with a topographical description of Westminster at various epochs (1911)

Arthur Irwin Dasent

The world the railways made (1990)

Nicholas Faith

Wintercombe (1988)

Pamela Belle

A brief memoir of the Mildmay family (1913)

Herbert A. St. John Mildmay

In the days of Victoria: some memories of men and things (1918)

Thomas Forder Plowman

The Elworthy children (1963)

Anita Hewett

Fanny Burney at the court of Queen Charlotte (1912)

Constance Hill