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Record of additions (1933)

Thomas Sheppard

A vindication of the Calvinistic doctrines of human depravity, the atonement, divine influences, &c., in a series of letters to the Rev. T. Belsham, ocaasioned by his "Review of Mr Wilberforce's ... (1799)

Thomas Williams

Recollections of William Wilberforce, Esq. M.P. for the County of York during nearly thirty years, with brief notices of some of his personal friends and contemporaries (1865)

John S. Harford

The path of the just: or, Christian improvement, considered in two discourses occasioned by the death of W. Wilberforce ... (1833)

A. C. L. D'Arblay

The character, principles, and public services of the late William Wilberforce, including notices of his early life: a discourse ... (1833)

John Scott