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The Henry Bagwell story: English adventurer, Virginia planter 1589-1663 (2021)

Margaret A. Rice

Plymouth and the settlement of New England (2018)

Budd Bailey

The Mayflower generation: the Winslow family and the fight for the New World (2017)

Rebecca Fraser

youthful America. selections from Henry Unwin Addlington's residence in the United States of America 1822, 23, 24, 25 (1960)

Bradford Perkins

A devonian immigrant (1888)

James, Francis B.

Emigration to North America from Torquay (2003)

Robert A. Perkins (Devon historian)

Home away from home: Cornish immigrants in Nineteenth-century Nevada (2007)

Ronald M. James

The Australian captive: or, an authentic narrative of fifteen years in the life of William Jackman (1853)

William Jackman

Sir John Davie, fifth baronet of Creedy, 1707-1727 (1904)

R. T. White-Thomson (Sir)

Hands across the sea: the President's address (1901)

Roper Lethbridge (Sir)

Mayflower tradition (1969)

L. S. Landon

Passengers from Torquay: Emigration to North America, 1849-1859 (1971)

Michael Bouquet

The Prowse sisters, daughters of Wm.Henry and Delia Clemons Prowse (2000)

Ann McFresh Bolt

A history of emigration from the United Kingdom to North America, 1763-1912 (1913)

Stanley C. Johnson

Bristol and America: a record of the first settlers in the colonies of North America 1654-1685 ... ([1929})

Roger Conant and the early settlements on the north shore of Massachusetts (1926)

Frances Rose-Troup

Memoirs of Roger Clap, 1630 - 2nd edition (1854)

Roger Clap

Passage to America: a history of emigrants from Great Britain (1972)

Terry Coleman

The Sherrill genealogy ; the decsendents of Samuel Sherrill of East Hampton, Long Island, New York (1932)

Charles Hitchcock Sherrill

Daughter of the dawn: a Mayflower romance (1992)

Elizabeth N. Shaffer

Founding fathers (1982)

John Adair

The life of Tristram Coffyn of Nantucket, Mass (1881)

Allen Coffin

The Tucker family (1---)

Ever Westward the land (1986)

Arthur Cecil Todd

Families of Churchill, Croker, Fox, Coplestone, Bonvile, Ellicot, etc of Devonshire... (1931)

William M. Ellicott

The English in Early America: a bibliography ([1970])

Old Kittery, land of adventure, 1647, and Captain Francis Champernowne, 1614-1687 (1947)

Charles Penrose (Historian)

The founders: portraits of persons born abroad who came to colonies in N America before 1701, with introd., outlines & comments... (1919)

Charles Knowles Bolton

The founders: portraits of persons born abroad who came to colonies in N America before 1701, with introduct. outlines & comments... (1919)

Charles Knowles Bolton

The original lists of persons of quality ... who went from Great Britain to the American plantations ... from mss preserved .. (1874)

The three worlds of Captain John Smith (1964)

Philip Lemont Barbour

The Winthrop Fleet of 1630: an account of the vessels, the voyage, the passengers and their English homes from original authorities (1961)

Charles Edward Banks

The great migration: crossing the Atlantic under sail (1968)

Greenhill, Basil

The John Pyne family in America: being the comprehensive genealogical record of the descendants of John Pyne (1766-1813) of Charleston (1992)

Frederick Wallace Pyne

The complete book of emigrants, 1661-1699 (1991)

Peter Wilson Coldham

A list of emigrants from England to America 1718 - 1759 (1966)

Jack Kaminkow

Passengers who arrived in United States Sept 1821 - Dec 1823 From transcripts made by the State Department (1969)

Samuel John Pooley: widow's son (1976)

Phyllis Graham Stigall

Immigrants to America appearing in English records (1976)

Frank Smith

American colonists in English records. First & Second series, two volumes in one (1982)

George F. Tudor Sherwood

Alexander G Dyer family of Exeter, Huron Co, Ontario, originating in Plymouth, Devonshire, England (1989)

Jean Dyer Pendell

New World immigrants: a consolidation of ship passenger lists & associated data from periodical literature; edited by Michael.. (1979)

New ..

New World immigrants: a consolidation of ship passenger lists & associated data from periodical literature .. (1979)

New ..

Emigrants from England to the American Colonies 1773-1777 (1988)

Peter Wilson Coldham

Complete book of emigrants, 1607-1660: a comprehensive listing Compiled from English public records of those who took ship ... (1987)

Peter Wilson Coldham

Complete book of emigrants in bondage 1614-1775 (1988)

Peter Wilson Coldham

Ten pound immigrants (1988)

Reg Appleyard

The Cornish in America: lInden, Wisconsin : a historical glimpse at immigrants from Cornwall who settled in ... southwest Wisconsin (1992)

Jim Jewell

Merlin's dinner (1992)

Colin Robins

The English origins of the Mary and John passengers (1985)

Ann Natalie Hansen