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Saxon place-names in East Cornwall (1987)

Orjan Svensson

Place names: an information pack (1987)

The concise Oxford dictionary of English place-names. (1987)

Eilert Ekwall

A dictionary of English place-names (1996)

A. D. Mills

The place-names of Dorset (2010)

A. D. Mills

Cornish place names and language (2000)

English place-name elements, part 2 (JAFN-YTRI) (1956)

A. H. Smith

English place-name elements, part 1 (A-IW) (1956)

A. H. Smith

index to the parishes, townships, hamlets & places contained within the districts of the several county courts in England & Wales (1966)

Government [her majesty's stationary office]

index of place names [and farm names] in Devon on ordnance map of 1810, L to Z. [L-Z] (circa 1910?)

Oswald J. Reichel (Reverend)

index of place names and farm names in Devon on the ordnance map of 1810, A to K. [A-K] (circa 1910?)

Oswald J. Reichel (Reverend)

the place-names of Devon [part 2] (1932)

J. E. B. Gover

the place-names of Devon [part 1] (1931)

J. E. B. Gover

dictionary of civil parishes in England and Wales (1914)

the concise Oxford dictionary of English place-names (1947)

Eilert Ekwall

index to place-names, Westcote 1630 ([1950-2000?])


Place-names (2008)

A. D. Mills

Alderney place names : their pronunciation, derivation and meaning (2009)

Royston Raymond

Somerset place names (2010)

Anthony Poulton-Smith

Dorset place names (2010)

Anthony Poulton-Smith

A concise dictionary of Cornish place-names (2009)

Devon place names (2008)

Hesketh, Robert

An index to the historical place names of Cornwall: Volume 2: L-Z (2007)

Chris Bond

An index to the historical place names of Cornwall: Volume 1: A-K (2007)

Chris Bond

Place-names (1999)

Padel, O. J.

Classical sources for Roman place-names (1999)

Cornish place names and language (2007)

The parishes of Cornwall: an plywyow a gernow ([2005?])

Pol Hodge

Place-names in Cornwall = Henwyn-tyllerow yn Kernow: a preliminary list of recommended Cornish language forms of place names in Cornwall (2005)

Ken George

Place names in the landscape (1993)

Gelling, Margaret

Place names in Cornwall and Scilly (2005)

Frome street and place-names: their origin and meaning (1983)

Michael McGarvie

Devon history trail : place-names (2003)

The place-names of Devon (1930)

J. J. Alexander

Folk etymology of Devonshire place-names (1934)

Chope, R. Pearse

England's my country, but Devon's my home (1934)

Harris, J. Henry

Aveton Giffard (1906)

H. F. G-

Seeking history's hidden pages (1974)

Mary Collier

Wicha and Ailrichestona of the early pipe rolls (1904)

Thomas William Whale (Reverend)

Early place-names and family names in Phillack (1976)

W. H. Pascoe

Kistimerbridge or Kisterbridge (1919)

Chope, R. Pearse

" Clyst" and "Week" (1916)

Oswald J. Reichel (Reverend)

Hercules Promontory (1902)

Chope, R. Pearse

Abbotskerswell, Kingskerswell (1900)

Oswald J. Reichel (Reverend)

Abbotskerswell, Kingskerswell (1900)

T. N. Brushfield

Devonshire place-names. Part 1: the parishes (1918)

John Frederick Chanter (Reverend)

Starcross (1927)

F. C. T-

Brixham place-names (1927)

Hugh Robert Watkin

Boringdon place-name (1927)

T. J. Joce

Teignmouth (1927)

T. J. Joce