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Plymouth and the settlement of New England (2018)

Budd Bailey

The Mayflower generation: the Winslow family and the fight for the New World (2017)

Rebecca Fraser

Roanoke: solving the mystery of England's lost colony (2000)

Lee Miller

Oceana: or England and her colonies (1892)

James Anthony Froude

New England in the earliest days: the Virginia of Sagadahoc and the establishmnet of an english colony on the Kennebec River in 1607 (2005)

Margaret Wilson

Look ahead : some peace problems (1944)

Clarke, Travers (Lieutenant-General Sir)

How Devon founded the United States (1935)

F-, A. P.

[Virginia Dare : first English child born in America] (1912)

[Virginia ..]

Seal of the Council for the affairs of New England in Plymouth, Co. Devon. [Common seal of 1620 Plymouth Company] (1917)

Howard M. Buck

The Elizabethans and America: the Trevelyan Lectures at Cambridge, 1958 (1958)

A.L Rowse

Sketches of Spamish colonial life in Panama ( 1672 - 1821 )

Matilde Mallet (Lady)

Martin's Hundred (1982)

Ivor Noël Hume

Bradford's history of the Plymouth settlement 1608 - 1650 rendered into modern English by V.Paget (1909)

William Bradford

The lost colonists and their probable fate (1984)

David Beers Quinn

Archaeology and the enigma of Fort Raleigh (1984)

Jean Carl Harrington

The first colonists: documents on the planting of the first English settlements in North America 1584-90 (1982)

Ralegh's lost colony (1981)

David N. Durant

George Thorpe and the Berkeley Company: a Gloucestershire enterprise in Virginia (1982)

Eric Gethyn-Jones

The Elizabethans and America: the Trevelyan Lectures at Cambridge, 1958 (1978)

A.L Rowse

A guide to Plymouth (Mass) & its history, comp from inscripts on tablets, monuments & statues erected in honor of its founders... (1947)

Helen T. Briggs

Of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647 (1966)

William Bradford

History of Plymouth Plantation (1912)

William Bradford

History of Plimoth Plantation containing an account of the voyage of the Mayflower by WBradford with intro by John A. Doyle (1896)

William Bradford

Bradford's history of Plimoth Plantation, from the original ms. (1898)

William Bradford

New American world: a documentary history of North America to 1612 : in 5 vols : Vol V: the extension of settlement in Florida (1979)

New ..

Set fair for Roanoke: voyages and colonies, 1584-1606 (1985)

David Beers Quinn

Raleigh & Roanoke: the first English colony in America (1985)

Helen Wallis

Raleigh in Exeter 1985: privateering and colonisation in the reign of Elizabeth I (1985)

Raleigh and Roanoke: the first English colony in America, 1584-1590 (1984)

Roanoke: the abandoned colony (1984)

Karen Ordahl Kupperman

[ America's 400th anniversary] ([1984?)