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The West Country's last line of defence: Taunton stop line (2017)

Andrew Powell-Thomas

Defence of the West: some riddles of war and peace (1950)

Basil Henry Liddell Hart (Sir)

The forgotten dead: the true story of Exercise Tiger, the disastrous rehearsal for D-Day (1988)

Ken Small

Evie's allies (2016)

Kitty Danton

Inside Dalditch Camp: a wartime history of the Royal Marines on Woodbury Common (2019)

Simon J. W. Fogg

Legend: a true story (2016)

Elizabeth Spencer

Second diary of a diplomatic correspondent (1946)

George Bilainkin

Make this the last war: the future of the United Nations (1943)

Michael Straight

Bideford in the Second World War (2021)

Christie, Peter

A child in Burracombe (2018)

Lilian Harry

Exeter's guardian angels: the story of the Polish 307 Squadron in Exeter (2013)

Michael Parrott

The day they took the children: illustrated personal memories of Britain's 3,500,000 evacuees (1989)

Ben Wicks

Devon at war 1939-45 (2017)

Derek Tait

Teignmouth at war 1930 to 1945: book 1 (2002)

Viv Wilson

Peace and prosperity for the asking (c.1940)

Raymond O'Malley

Evie's victory (2017)

Kitty Danton

Britain's 'brown babies': the stories of children born to black GIs and white women in the Second World War (2019)

Lucy Bland

Wartime Dalditch Camp and finds on Woodbury Common (2016)

Simon J. W. Fogg

The war in Plymouth: destruction and a new beginning: an oral history of the Plymouth blitz and reconstruction of the city (2015)

The land we left behind: a pictorial history and memories of the war years in the South Hams ([2004])

Robin Rose-Price

A slice of life ([2013])

Molton, Jeanette

Plymouth a city at war 1914-45 (2014)

John Van Der Kiste

South West secret agents: true stories of the West Country at war (2014)

Laura Quigley

Prelude to D-Day: Devon's role in the storming of Hitler's Europe (2014)

Gerald D. Wasley

Gas masks & Goodliffes': Abbey Street, Workshop 1938 - 1945 : Fred Marshall remembers (2012)

Fred Marshall

Under steel helmets: a tribute to all places in Devon who served and suffered in the war 1939-1945 ([1945?])

Devon at war: Through time (2012)

Henry Buckton

The commando raid on Sark in 1943: disaster of the French/British joint raids from Dartmouth (2007)

Preston, Eric

Another Man Another War (1994)

Eddie Spiegelhalter

The liberation of Calvados 6th June 1944 - 31st December 1944 (1994)

Francoise Dutour

It came to our door: the story of Plymouth throughout the Second World War (1975)

H. P. Twyford

Death on a spring night: the destruction of a German Junkers 88 A5 on May 17th 1941 at Danes Mill, Plymtree, in the valley of the Tale by a British Bristol Beaufighter (2006)

Robin Stanes

North Devon at war (1995)

Jewell, Peter

Exeter air raid victims 1940-1943 (2012)

Christine Trigger

The outbreak of war: 22nd August - 3rd September 1939 ([1939])

The American forces at Salcombe and Slapton during World War 2 (2005)

Muriel Murch

Plymouth at war from old photographs (2012)

Derek Tait

schools at war. a story of education, evacuation and endurance in the Second World War (2005)

Stranack, David

From East End to Land's End: the evacuation of Jews' Free School, London to Mousehole in Cornwall during World War Two (2010)

Susan Soyinka

Dorset in wartime: The diary of Phyllis Walther 1941 -1942 (2009)

Growing up in wartime Somerset: a portrait in watercolour (2011)

Syd Durston

A Chindit's Chronicle (1995)

East Devon at war (2010)

Ted Gosling

War in Exeter (2010)

Wartime memories of Porlock (2010)

Robin Dunn (Sir)

One man's war in Exeter: the images of Ken Jackson (2010)

A schoolboy's war in Cornwall (2010)

Jim Reeve

The German occupation of Jersey during World War 2: my personal story (2010)

David Rive

Land Girls gang up (2009)

Pat Peters

Cornwall's first town in the front line: Torpoint's war diary 1939-46 (2010)

P. Joe Plant