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Defence of the West: some riddles of war and peace (1950)

Basil Henry Liddell Hart (Sir)

The Peninsular War (1973)

Roger Parkinson

A Devonshire regiment at Waterloo, and with the army in occupied France (1892)

The Earl of Warwick's domination of the channel and the naval dimension to the wars of the roses 1456-1460 (1998)

Colin. F Richmond

Cornwall at war: memories, letters & reflections from the parish magazines (2008)

Elizabeth Hotten

Bristol and the War of the Roses, 1451-1471 (2004)

Fleming, Peter

response in South Molton and the rest of Devon to the end of the Crimean War 1856 (2004)

Sadrus Bhanji

Copies of original letters from the French army ... Egypt. Pt 3 (1800)

Copies of original letters from the army of Bonaparte in Egypt (1799)

A short view of the late troubles in England ... some parallel with the barons-wars in the time of King Henry III .. (1681)

William Dugdale (Sir)

Anglia rediviva : England's recovery : the history of the ... (1647)

Joshua Sprigg

The history of the civil wars in Germany ... 1630 to 1638 .. (1782)

Defoe, Daniel

Societas Romanorum et Batavorum (1611)

Antonio Tempesta

Official letters to the Honorable American Congress (1795)

George Washington

Memoirs of Denzil, Lord Holles, Baron of Ifield in Sussex (1699)

Denzil Holles (1st Baron Holles)

Memoirs of Sir John Berkeley (1699)

John Berkeley Berkeley (1st Baron)

True relation of the severall passages which have happened to our army since it advanced towards Gloucester ... [Wing T3047] (1643)

A tour through the theatre of war in the months of November and December 1792 and January 1793 (1793)

A view of the causes and consequences of the present war... 9th ed (1794)

Thomas Erskine (1st Baron Erskine)

Comments on the proposed war with France / by a Lover of Peace (1793)

Lover of Peace (Pseudonym)

The retreat of the French grand army from Moscow, intercepted by the Russian Cossacks, 1812 / Atkinson del. ; M.Dubourg sculpt (1813)

M. Dubourg

[ Study of battle scene] / C.Vernet inv. ; J.Duplessi-Berteux sc (1810?)

J. Duplessi-Bertreux

[ Studies of soldiers drawing up for battle] (1810?)

J. Duplessi-Bertreux

[ Studies of soldiers on campaign] (1810?)

J. Duplessi-Bertreux

Thoughts in war-time (1940)

Programme: commemoration of peace, Exeter, May 29th 1856 ([1856])

City of Plymouth welcomes home the Task Force, Friday 12 November, 1982, Official Programme (1982)

Christianity and war (1914)

The Dutch answer to the British manifesto ([1781?)

The prospect of peace: an ode (1782)

Brice, Thomas

The Exeter garland: facsimiles of early items in Devon libraries. 4. Wars and revolutions 1549-1803 (1991)

Papers relating to the navy during the Spanish War 1585-1587 (1987)