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A century of memories: recollections of life in the South Hams of Devon in the early 20th century (2009)

Stephen Pedrick

Dorset coast: from Lyme Regis to Mudeford Quay (2007)

Dorset ..

Dorset man: the working landscape (2006)

Dorset ..

Voices of Chardstock: recordings (2006)

Defining the spectre: outlining the academdic potential of the CAVA movement (2002)

Treve Crago

Talking identity: understanding Cornwall's oral culture through group dialogue (2004)

Garry Tregidga

Much different to what it is today: a review of the Dartmoor National Park Authority's moor memories oral history project (2004)

Becky Newell

It's living history, isn't it?: a number of oral history interviews with residents of Winkleigh and Hollacombe (2004)

Holman, Gillian

Oral history

The voice of the past: oral history (2000)

Paul Thompson

Oral history (1999)

Ken Howarth

An archive approach to oral history (1978)

David Lance

Oral history: talking about the past (1995)

Robert Perks

Sounding boards: oral testimony and the local historian (1995)

David Marcombe

Traditional life in the far South West: recollections (1980)

Interactive oral history interviewing (1994)

The voice of the past: oral history (1978)

Paul Thompson

Oral history and the local historian (1994)

Stephen Caunce

Recording oral history: practical guide for social scientists (1994)

Valerie Raleigh Yow

Oral history: an annotated bibliography (1990)

Robert Perks