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The Anglian invasion of Devon, with some notes on the place-name "Worthy" (1914)

J. M. Martin (Historian)

Honiton and William, Prince of Orange (1989)

H. J. Yallop

Teignmouth and the French fleet, 1690 (1924)

R. B. M-

Irish conquests and colonies in Domnonia and Wales (1899)

Sabine Baring-Gould (Reverend)

An Irish invasion of Devon (1923)

J. J. Alexander

The invasion of North Devon by Hubba the Dane in the year 878 (1948)

Inkerman Rogers

Postscript to 1688 (1989)

Margery M Rowe

Was there a Dutch department for disinformation in Exeter, November 1688? (1988)

Michael Smith

The landing of William of Orange at Brixham in 1688: fact and fiction (1988)

John R. Pike (South Devon writer)

The declaration of His Highness William Henry, ... Prince of Orange &c. of the reasons inducing him, to appear in armes .. (1688)

William III (King of Great Britain and Ireland)

Great news from Tingmouth, Torbay and Exon. Giving an account of the several actions of the French invaders .. (1690)

Reactions in Devon to invasions: three A-level personal studies (1992)

Ross Whitehead

William of Orange's expedition to England, 1688. (1988)

Derrick R. Johnson