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a guide to the historical records of the Royal Bank of Scotland (2000)

a formula book of English historical documents. part I [1]: diplomatic documents (1909)

Hubert Hall

a formula book of English historical documents. part II [2]: ministerial and judicial records (1909)

Hubert Hall

an introduction to the use of the public records (1952)

V. H. Galbraith

The travels of Aurthur Fox, briefs collector (1997)

Mike Brown

Title deeds and the family historian (1997)

Gaps in the records (1999)

An old Exeter manuscript (1907)

Oswald J. Reichel (Reverend)

Dartmouth documents and leases ([198-?)

Report of the Committee appointed to enquire ... arrangements for collection and custody of local records (1902)

Guide to sources (1996)

Guide to the location of collections described in the reports and calendars series 1870-1980 (1982)

Guide ..

Short guides to records (1972)

Barnstaple records 1160-1485: full transcripts of orig. mss. preserved at N.D.A. 1 vol. and index (1938)

Cecil Spiegelhalter

Sources for village history. 1: Bratton Fleming (1994)

A guide to English historical records (1983)

Alan MacFarlane (Social historian)

Reading historical documents: a manual for students (1988)

John Fines

Facsimiles of documents of use to family historians (1987)

F. C. Markwell