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Alys in Pow an Anethow: Alice's adventures in Wonderland in Cornish (2015)

Lewis Carroll

The Cornish Language Board sales list January 2007 (2007)


In some state... a decade of literature and literary studies of Cornwall (2002)

Alan M. Kent

The medieval Cornish bible (2003)

Malte W. Tschirschky

Sacrament an Alter: a tudor Cornish patristic catena (2003)

D. H. Frost

Glasney's parish clergy and the Tregear manuscript (2007)

D. H. Frost

Who was the Duchess of Cornwall in Nicholas Boson's (c.1660-70) 'The Duchesse of Cornwall's progresse to see the Land's End...'? (2006)

Matthew Spriggs

The Cornish passion poem in facsimile (2002)

Kemysk Kernewek arnoweth: a new Cornish miscellany (2000)

Alexander Menhinick

Literature of Cornwall: continuity, identity, difference, 1000- 2000 (2000)

Alan M. Kent

An den Ha'y Dheu Wreg (19--)

Robert Morton Nance

Cornish in song and ceremony (1952)

Nebes whethlow ber ([1981])

Arthur Saxon Dennett Smith

Nebes whethlow ber (1947)

Arthur Saxon Dennett Smith

Extracts from the Cornish texts in unified spelling ... no. II: An Tyr Marya ... (1951)

Robert Morton Nance

Extracts from the Cornish texts in unified spelling ... no. 1: Beunan Meryasek ... (1949)

Robert Morton Nance

Lyver an pymp Marthus Selaver (1939)

Robert Morton Nance

The ancient Cornish drama (1859, )

Yn Bro Nowydh: In a new country - in Cornish (1997)

Jeffrey Shaw

Silvester Ha'n Dhragon: Silvester and the dragon (1993)

Canow an Weryn hedhyn: Cornish folk songs of today (1979)

The bloody crown of Geltya (1984)

Melville Bennetto

The Cornish writings of the Boson family (Nicholas, Thomas and John Boson, of Newlyn: circa 1660 to 1730) (1975)

O. J. Padel

Abram hag Ysak (O.M., lines 1259-1394) ([195 ?)

Tregear homilies: 13 homilies in Cornish (1994)

John Tregear

Peder skorrenn an mabinogi ([1994])

Whethlow tus huvel (1979)

Dorothy Richards

Cornish literature (1993)

Brian Murdoch

Mount Calvary ; or the history of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord ... interpreted in ... 1682 (1826)