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Bewnans Ke: the Life of St Kea : a critical edition with translation (2007)

The Cornish ordinalia, the missing play: the childhood of Christ (2006)

Ken George

Staging the state and the hypostasization of violence in the medieval Cornish drama (2005)

Paul Manning (Anthropologist)

The ordinalia: the Cornish mystery play cycle: a verse translation (2006)

Alan M. Kent

Cry of the tin: the musical drama by Cornwall songwriters (2000)

Pete Berryman

Resurrexio Domini (2000)

The creation of the world (Gwryans an bys) (1827)

The creation of the world (Gwryans an bys) (1827)

Gwreans an bys: reation of the world ... (1864)

Gwryans an bys or the creation of the world, as written by William Jordan, A.D.1611 (1985)

Bewnans Alysaryn (1941)

Peggy Pollard

The Cornish Ordinalia, third play: resurrection in modern Cornish ([1984])

An Balores ([1949])

Robert Morton Nance

Beunans Meriasek: the life of St.Meriasek, Bishop and confessor : a Cornish drama (1872)

Beunans Meriasek Bywnans Meryasek (1996)

Bywnans Meryasek: nebes notennow berr rag studhyoryon avonsys y'n yeth Kernewek (1997)

Graham M. Sandercock

The Old Cornish drama ... (a lecture) (1906)

Thurstan C. Peter

Cayn hag Abel: an episode from Gwryans an Bys (The Creation of the World) (1979)

The creation of the world (Gwryans an bys) (1978)

The medieval Cornish drama (1973)

The Cornish Ordinalia: a critical study (1980)

Jane A. Bakere

The Camborne play: a translation of Beunans meriasek in verse (1988)