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The diary of a provincial lady (2016)

Delafield, E. M.

A memoir of ted hughes (2017)

Nathaniel Minton (Doctor)

Book lover's Devon (2016)

Paul White

As I walked out: Sabine Baring-Gould and the search for the folk songs of Devon and Cornwall (2017)

Martin Graebe

Twilight time (2018)

Blair, Emma

Lets get writing: Tales from Devon & Somerset (2014)

Once upon a time. Devon and Cornwall (2015)

The juniper gin joint (2018)

Lizzie Lovell

A match made in devon (2018)

Cathy Bramley

The poems of Edward Capern (2017)

Liz Shakespeare

The Tigerboy (2016)

Hughes, Ted

The giant's necklace (2016)

Morpurgo, Michael

Smile please: an unfinished autobiography (2016)

Jean Rhys

Peace and beauty (1979)

Phyllis Morey

Spine chillers: Devon & Cornwall (2017)

Ancient adventures: Devon & Cornwall (2017)

Superhero stories: Devon & Cornwall (2014)

Superhero ...

The grassling (2019)

Elizabeth-Jane Burnett

Mini monologues: the South West (2014)

Boneyard (2017)

Mark Sennen

The rime of the ancient mariner: illustrated by N Noel Paton RSA (1863)

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

The real Beatrice Chase: a Dartmoor author (2015)

Simon Dell

Ted hughes: environmentalist and ecopoet (2017)

Yvonne Reddick

Ghosts and things (2015)

Richard Small

A chance of love: sonnets of two decades (2015)

James Turner

The wildest West Country tale of James Rabbit and the giggleberries (2014)

Babette Cole

Out of this world: South West England (2015)

RAMMblings: an anthology of musings from Devon writers ([2013])

Within the mist (2013)

Colin Beazley

My first poem 2015. The Westcountry (2015)

My first poem 2015. Devon and Cornwall (2015)

Out of this world: South West poets (2015)

Clare and her captain (2015)

Morpurgo, Michael

Hell and high water (2015)

Tanya Landman

A selection of R.S.Hawker's Cornish ballads on local topics ([1929?])

R. S. Hawker (Reverend)

Jim Crow and Others (1976)

Oliver, Dorothy

Salar the salmon (1948)

Santa's sleigh is on its way to Plymouth (2015)

Eric James

Santa's sleigh is on its way to Exeter (2015)

Eric James

Santa's sleigh is on its way to Devon (2015)

Eric James

Jig and Saw ([2014])

David Lawrence Jones

The horses of Hemlock Hall (2015)

Sarah Harvey

I want to tell you a story ... (2013)

Richard Small

Shadows of justice (2013)

Simon Hall

Fighting Forum (2015)

Shoo Rayner

Dead heat (2015)

Shoo Rayner

My first story: the South West (2013)

My first story presents: the South West (2013)

My first story presents: the West Country (2013)

Around the world in 80 words: the South West Stories (2013)