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Humorous happenings in Devon (1937)

Fielden, M. E.

The humour of Devon : An address delivered by the editor of the Ealing rotary club and the Ealing round table (1941)

Yarns from a Debb'm village (1935)

Leonard, H. W.

Echoes of the Exe

West-Country oddments (1909)

J. D. Prickman

West-Country wit and humour. Part 4 (1914)

Charles H. Laycock

West Country wit and humour: with some examples (1898)

J. D. Prickman

A few stories illustrative of Devonshire wit and wisdom. 2 (1905)

J. D. Prickman

Devonshire wit and humour (1906)

J. D. Prickman

A receipt for ill-wishing ([1844])

Tuckett (Doctor)

The new art and mystery of gossipping: being a genuine account of all the women's clubs about London .. ([1783?)

New ..

The world turned upside-down ; or the folly of man exemplified .. ([1750?])

A new and diverting dialogue... between a noted shoe-maker and his wife, living in this neighbourhood ([1780?)

New ..

English satire, parody & burlesque (1952)

Rhymes of the Red Triangle ([1918])

Our hospital Anzac, British, Canadian ([1918])

The stage-coach in the mire: a modern tale; in four parts (1783)

Brice, Thomas

Ilfracombe, North Devon. Grand international steeple chaise ([1880])

Ilfracombe ..

The hound of the Baskervilles: according to Spike Milligan (1998)

Spike Milligan

Westcountry wit and humour ([1905])

J. D. Prickman

Saunters in Somerset (19--)

Lycaon (Pseudonym)

Crumbs from Cornwall, Christmas 1917 (1917)

Jodhpurs in the Quantocks (1986)

Glen Baxter

The Abbey of Kilkhampton ; or, monumental records for the year 1980 faithfully transcribed ... sixth edition ... [Sir Herbert Croft] (1780)

Herbert Croft (Sir)

Kaleidoscope: an old journalist's snapshots ([1946])

Harold Murray

Zum tales vrum Debn ([1983])

Rugg, Derrick V.

The rolliad, in two parts ... political miscellanies ... criticisms (1795)

More examples of Devonshire wit and humour (1907)

J. D. Prickman

Kaleidoscope ([1950])

Harold Murray

Our history of Torquay: the imbecile series ; no. 1 (1891)

William McWinget

Best West Country jokes (1970)

Colin Crompton

They birdwatchers of Scilly ; with, Tall tales of Scilly (1982)

Norm (Pseudonym)

Our girls in wartime: rhymes (1917)

Merrie conceited iests (sic) (1809)

George Peele

Rude letters to youth ([1938])

Ralph Rayner

Fluxshoe: catalogue of a travelling exhibition of Fluxus writers and artists (1972)

Twenty sentries of Bristle (1996)

Best Cornish jokes

Ghastly groans ([1983])

Devonshire jokes and stories (1996)

Devonshire ..

On Tuesday and Wednesday last, the report of several large cannons was heard off an island to the west of the City, .. ([1761])

The duellists, a farce, performed at the Theatre Real, in Heavitree, last Monday (1782)

Best Cornish Jokes (n.d.)

Our own history of Torquay (19--)

William McWinget

Now you see it: a Cornish illusion (1995)

Lanyon, Andrew

Oh - definitely a humorous commentary strictly inaccurate and otherwise (1940)

George M. Tyler

Henri III, a maligned or malignant king?: (aspects of the satirical iconography of Henri de Valois) (1978)

Keith Cameron

A legend of Mutley Plain

Nicholas's notes and sporting prophecies with some miscellaneous poems, serious and humorous (1---)

William Jeffery Prowse

Deadpan (1987)

Lanyon, Andrew