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The Vackie heroes (2016)

John Walter Lea

The kid on Slapton Beach (2013)

Felicity Fair Thompson

The lie of the Land (2017)

Amanda Craig

The Christmas candle (2017)

Katie Flynn

Seven days in summer (2017)

Moorland forensics: bound by Polaris (2017)

Julie D. Jones

The wanderers (2018)

Tim Pears

The horseman (2017)

Tim Pears

The angel in the glass (2018)

Alys Clare

The wild man on the moor (c.2019)

Lilian Butler

The housekeeper's daughter (2019)

Rosie Meddon

Moorland forensics: Devil's realm (2019)

Julie D. Jones

The victory garden (2019)

Rhys Bowen

The blood pit (2018)

Ellis, Kate

Evie's allies (2016)

Kitty Danton

The redeemed (2019)

Tim Pears

Dead in Devon (2019)

Stephanie Austin

Moorland forensics: devil's realm (2019)

Julie D. Jones

Farewell to Burracombe (2017)

Lilian Harry

Legend: a true story (2016)

Elizabeth Spencer

A rustle of silk (2016)

Alys Clare

The bone garden (2017)

Ellis, Kate

No time to stand and stare ([2015])

Phin Hall

The redeemed (2019)

Tim Pears

The bone garden (2021)

Ellis, Kate

The glass bulldog (2019)

Alison Huntingford

Death in Devon (2015)

Ian Sansom

A cursed inheritance (2017)

Ellis, Kate

The West Country winery (2019)

Lizzie Lovell

Galene: Galene of Dartmoor (2016)

Ruth Snell

A gathering of ghosts (2019)

Karen Maitland

The house of eyes (2016)

Ellis, Kate

Dead man's lane (2019)

Ellis, Kate

A child in Burracombe (2018)

Lilian Harry

The plague maiden (2017)

Ellis, Kate

Murder in the mill-race: a Devon mystery (2019)

E. C. R. Lorac

The plague maiden (2017)

Ellis, Kate

A gathering of ghosts (2018)

Karen Maitland

Late harvest: a passionate West Country saga (2016)

Fiona Buckley

The shining skull (2018)

Ellis, Kate

The summer we all ran away (2013)

Cassandra Parkin

Murderous mayhem at Honeychurch Hall (2017)

Hannah Dennison

The Bone yard (2017)

Mark Sennen

The summer of second chances (2017)

Please, Maddie

The rosemary tree (2017)

Elizabeth Goudge

A painted doom (2017)

Ellis, Kate

Jessie's promise (2017)

Rosie Clarke

The skeleton room (2021)

Ellis, Kate

The McMurry girl (2016)

David L. Porter-MacDaibheid

A long time dying: the story of the Tayleurs of Torquay ([2015])

Fiona Freer