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Collectiva: short stories and poetry (2017)

American cooperation 1935: a collection of papers comprising the elevnth summer session of the American instutute of Cooperation at Cornell University July 15-19 1935 (1935)

Rabindranath Tagore: pioneer in education (1961)

L. K. Elmhirst

Footloose in Devon (2017)

John Bainbridge

Walter Howard Frere, a collection of his papers on liturgical and historical subjects (1940)

Walter Howard Frere (Bishop of Truro)

Essays in Economic History, volume 2 (1966)

Carus-Wilson, E. M. [ed.]

Essays in Economic History, volume 1 (1966)

Carus-Wilson, E. M. [ed.]

Historical essays in honour of James Tait (1933)

J. G. Edwards

De officiis. Vol. 3 (1780)

Cicero, Marcus Tullius

Essays on men and manners (1794)

William Shenstone

The tatler / by Isaac Bickerstaff. - New ed (1743)

Richard Steele (Sir)

The spectator. - New ed (1744)

Joseph Addison

Characteristicks of men, manners, opinions, times. - 2nd ed (1714)

Anthony Ashley-Cooper (3rd Earl of Shaftesbury)

Essays (1794)

Oliver Goldsmith

Bacon of studies (1930)

My Devon year (2001)

Phillpotts, Eden

Out of court (1925)

Francis George Newbolt (Sir)

The English traveller: [ prose extracts from famous writers ] (1963)

My Devon year (1904)

Phillpotts, Eden

Literary adventures (1922)

Short studies on great subjects ([187-])

James Anthony Froude

Essays and marginalia (1851)

Coleridge, Hartley

Real life sketches from Devon and Cornwall: historical and personal reminiscences (1903)

Frank L. Vosper

A collection of thoughts, moral and divine ... prose and verse ... Fifth edition, with improvements (1764)

Wellins Calcott

Book of crowns and cottages (1925)

Robert P. T. Coffin

A tourist in spite of himself (1930)

A. Edward Newton

Essays on various subjects, principally designed for young ladies (1777)

More, Hannah

A corner of Arcady (1904)

Francis Arnold Knight

Essays and letters, with a memoir of the author ([1825])

John Kitto

Thoughts, chiefly on serious subjects (1821)

William Danby

Dissertations, essays, and discourses &. in prose and verse (1759)

James Fortescue

A mixed grill (1940)

Phillpotts, Eden

Essays in little ([1931])

Phillpotts, Eden

[Odoiporountos meletmata] ([1752])

Burton, John

Our favourite walk (1870)

Lega-Weekes, Ethel

The four ages: together with essays on various subjects (1798)

Jackson, William

Essays by a society of gentlemen at Exeter - Volume 1, part 1 (1796)

Memorabilia: or recollections, historical, biographical and antiquarian (1822)

James Savage

Countryside wood (1943)

Sunshine and shadow on Dartmoor ([1923])

Violet Francis

One hundred pictures from Eden Phillpotts (1919)

Phillpotts, Eden

My Devon year. (1916)

Phillpotts, Eden

My Devon year (1904)

Phillpotts, Eden

My Devon year (1916)

Phillpotts, Eden

Essays by a society of gentlemen at Exeter (1796)