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South Devon: a Climbers' Club guide ([2018])

Pete Saunders

West Cornwall: Chair Ladder and the south coast (2017)

Paul Harrison

Dartmoor: a climbers' club guide (2017)

James Clapham

West Country climbs: A rock climbing guidebook to the best climbs in the West Country of England (2010)

Mark Glaister

Climbing the Exmoor sea cliffs (1982)

Cheek, Terry

Jersey climbs: up and down again (2004)

Kevin Eloury

Avon and Cheddar (2004)

Martin Crocker

Climbing on Dartmoor (1998)

John Earle

Rock climbing in Devon (1967)

Robert D. Moulton

North Devon and Cornwall (2000)

David Hope

West Cornwall (2000)

John Hooper

Climbing guide to the Dewerstone (1995)

Tim Dennell

Cheeswring and south east Cornwall: a climber's guide (1998)

Sean Hawken

Limestone climbs on the Dorset coast ([1963])

B. M. Annette

Cornwall - West Penwith ([1984])

Pete O'Sullivan

Rock climbing in Devonshire (1966)

Supplement to Lundy rock climbs ([1972])

Robert D. Moulton

Lundy rock climbs: a guide to rock climbing on Lundy (1970)

Robert D. Moulton

Lundy rock climbs: a guide book to rock climbing on Lundy (1974)

Robert D. Moulton

Lundy: rock report 1987 (1988)

Gary Gibson

Climbing restrictions, 1st April-31st July [1991] (1991)

A reconnaissance of Lundy (1962)

K. M. Lawder

Limestone climbs in South West England (1964)

John Nixon

Swanage (1986)

Gordon Jenkin

Cornwall (1950)

Arthur Westlake Andrews

Cornish rock: a climbers' guide to Penwith (1997)

Tim Dennell

Chair ladder and the South Coast: Cornwall : West Penwith (1975)

Robert D. Moulton

Cornwall. (1968)

P. H. Biven

Cornwall. (1966)

V. N. Stevenson

Into the blue: a guide to, and the spirit of, deep water soloing in Dorset (1996)

Jonathan Cook

Limestone climbs in south west England (1954)

H. I.  Banner

South West climbs: a selection of fine rock climbs from Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Jersey. (2008)

Pat Littlejohn

Lundy rock climbs (1980)

Robert D. Moulton

Devon rock climbs (1978)

Dorset (1977)

Dorset ..

Dartmoor (1976)

Tony Moulam

Climbs in the south west: Cheddar (1977)

Richard Broomhead

Cornwall, West Penwith: 1. Bosigran and the north coast (1978)

South Devon and Dartmoor: a climber's guide. (1995)

Nick White

Dorset - FAX 05: a rock climbing guide to the sport routes of Swannage and Portland, also including Devon (1994)

Peter Oxley

Lundy (1994)

Gary Gibson

Climbing guide to Dartmoor and the Cheeswring quarry. (1994)

Tim Dennell

Some rock climbs near Plymouth: a climbing guide (1950-)

J. D. Derry

Visitor's climbing guide to Dartmoor (1991)

Paul Twomey

Chair ladder and the South Coast: Cornwall : West Penwith (1992)

Hannigan, Des

Avon and Cheddar (1992)

Martin Crocker

South West climbs: an illustrated selection of rock climbs from the sea-cliffs and outcrops of South-West England (1979)

Pat Littlejohn

West Penwith (1991)

North Devon and Cornwall (1988)

Iain Peters

Bosigran and the north coast: Cornwall-West Penwith (1991)

Hannigan, Des