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Richard Trevithick: the quiz book (2008)

Peter Richardson

Charles Wood's Somerset quiz book (2009)

Tony Beard's Devon quiz book: well blew me down - tha's sommut i didn' knaw! (2009)

Tony Beard

The Devon quiz book (2002)

Margaret Caine

Somerset quiz book (2004)

Margaret Caine

The Dartmoor quiz book (1999)

Chips Barber

Second Dorset quiz book (1997)

Jean Bellamy

The Dartmoor puzzler ii: a quiz & puzzle book for all (1996)

Dorset quiz book (1995)

Jean Bellamy

The Agatha Christie crossword puzzle book (1981)

Randall Toye

Scillonian quiz book ([197-?)

R. L. Bowley

The Dartmoor puzzler: a quiz & puzzle book for all (1994)

Welcome to Barnstaple: the treasure seekers guide (1987)

Anna Pawlyn

How well do you know Devon & Cornwall? (1958)

The Cornish questions: a compendium of historical, ecclesiastical biographical, philological and legendary trivia of Cornwall (1992)

Leonard B. Ward

Exploring Somerset: an activity book (1992)

Exploring Cornwall: an activity book (1992)

Exploring Devon: an activity book (1992)

A Dorset quiz ([1985])

Margaret Goodwin

Cornish quiz ([1980?)

R. S. Best