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[Juggler on The Strand, Torquay] (c.1900)

The Iddesleigh inkwells (1976)

Our wag from Widecombe (1990)

Caroline Seward

Unprecedented success of the ... original Female Christys ... ([1878?)

Andy Merrilees

To dream a dream: the amazing life of Philip Schofield (1992)

Piers Morgan (Journalist)

A portion of Jethro: recorded at the City Hall, Salisbury ([1993])

The official guide to Crinkley Bottom (1993)

Noel Edmonds

Everything stops for tea [and] We may never see ([1992])

Tony Beard

Phillip Schofield: the whole amazing story (1992)

Robin McGibbon

From drags to riches (1987)

Danny La Rue