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Ian Botham: the power and the glory (2015)

Simon wilde

Coming back to me: the autobiography (2009)

David Shepherd and Jack Davey: a testimonial year 1978 (1978)

Sometimes I forgot to laugh (2004)

Roebuck, Peter

Notable Devonian Cricketers (1940)

Botham's century: my 100 great cricketing characters (2001)

Botham, Ian

Somerset County Cricket Club: 100 greats (2001)

Eddie Lawrence

Botham: my autobiography (2000)

Botham, Ian

Somerset hero who beat the Aussies: the life and times of J.C. Farmer White (2000)

Basil Ashton Tinkler

High, wide and handsome: Ian Botham, the story of a very special year (1986)

Frank Keating

It sort of clicks (1986)

Botham, Ian

Ian Botham (1983)

Andrew Langley

Botham down under: the 1982 (1983)

Botham, Ian

Devon cricketers 1859-2012 (2013)

Tony Percival

No surrender: the life and times of Ian Botham (1997)

Dave Bowler

Arthur Wellard: no mere slogger (1996)

Barry Phillips

The corner stone of English cricket ([1950])

Gerald French

The hand that bowled Bradman: memories of a professional cricketer (1973)

Bill Andrews

Ian Botham: the great all-rounder (1980)

Dudley Doust

The incredible tests, 1981 (1981)

Botham, Ian

Botham's choice (1982)

Botham, Ian

Harold Gimblett: tormented genius of cricket (1982)

David Foot

From Grace to Botham: profiles of 100 West Country cricketers (1980)

David Foot

Ian Botham (1979)

Bob Farmer

Ian Botham (1993)

Andrew Ward

My incredible innings (1969)

Bill Alley

Somerset cricket: post-war who's who (1993)

David Foot

A season's fame: how A.E.J.Collins of Clifton College made cricket's highest individual score (1991)

Derek Winterbottom

Hitting across the line: an autobiography (1991)

Vivian Richards

Botham: a biography (1988)

Patrick Murphy

Ian Botham (1988)

Andrew Langley

It sort of clicks (1988)

Botham, Ian

Living with a legend (1987)

Kathy Botham

Viv Richards: the authorised biography (1984)

McDonald, Trevor