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Miss Kemble (1784)

John Jones

Mrs.C.Abington (c.1805)

Mrs.Siddons (c.1805)

Mrs.Siddons in the character of the tragic mise (1783)

Thomas Cook

Mrs. Ward as Rodogune: ye gods! Ait be himself (1794)


Mrs. Mountain (1797)

Sarah Bernhardt ([1880?])

W. Downey

Mrs. Inchbald ([1787])

Anthony Walker

Miss Louisa Brunton (1806)

Samuel John Stump

When the Kembles came to Devon (1969)

Malcolm Hazell

Jersey Lily: life and times of Lillie Langtry (1993)

Sonia Hillsdon

Mrs. Oldfield (c.1810)

Deon Meyer