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Tavvystock goozey vair (1912)

C. John Trythall

Down 'ome by Kirton town: Devonshire song (1903)

F. C. Smale

Songs of Cornwall: chiefly traditional drinking songs (1985)

Kenneth Pelmear

Lev krev : Cornish song (2010)

H. L. Coleman

Devonshire cream and cider: song (1919)

Theodore Curzon

The old carrier's song (1937)

Goring, Jack

The Brixham trawlers song / words by W.Gregory Harris. Music by Eva Mackintosh (1925)

Harris, W. Gregory (Reverend)

A Cornish sea song (1923)

H. Michell Whitley

The Exeter Commissioners' song of You tickle me, Toby, I'll tickle you by Panta Leone the Red Lion of St.Mark .. (1---)

The entertaining companion ; being a collection of all the favourite songs now in vogue .. (c1775)

Glorious Devon: song with piano accompaniment, medium voice (1905)

Edward German

Glorious Devon

Edward German

Jack in the Green and other heroes: a collection of songs (1999)

Martin Graebe

Welcome to North Devon (1975)

[A collection of programmes of songs, glees, madrigals]

Collection ..

Search for a song (197-)

Olive Green

Wembworthy town: a ditty of Devon (1912)

J. D. W. Worden

Cornish voices (1982)

Kenneth Pelmear

Songs of the Devon moors ([1912])

Herbert Oliver

When Mother and me joined in: Devon country song (1930)

Stewer, Jan (Pseudonym of Coles, Albert John)

What about a little drop o' cider, just to warm the cockles... Devonshire song (1926)

Stewer, Jan (Pseudonym of Coles, Albert John)

Out come Mother and me: song (1923)

Stewer, Jan (Pseudonym of Coles, Albert John)

Glorious Devon!: Song (1905)

Harold Boulton

The Cornish song-book: Lyver canow kernewck Part 1 (1974)

Ralph Dunstan

Cornish patriotic and dialect songs (1934)

R. J. Noall

The flag: a patriotic song (1937)

John Stephan (Dom)

Tunes and tales from east Devon (1994)

Nelson Owen

Women of Cornwall (n.d.)

Herbert Thomas

Drake goes west ; song, the words by P J O'Reilly, the music by Wilfrid Sanderson (1910)

P. J. O'Reilly (Lyricist)

Dream of Plymouth Hoe ; song, the words by Charles G Mortimer, the music by Wilfrid Sanderson (1921)

Charles G. Mortimer

Mayflower morning: ode to the Pilgrim Fathers ; ..song.. words by Myrtle Strode-Jackson ; music by Zenie Whitehill .. ([1920?)

Myrtle Strode-Jackson

Collections of soldiers' songs (1---)

A. Wyatt Edgell

Very rude pub songs (1992)

Duncan M. W. Gup

Raunchy rugby songs (1992)

Duncan M. W. Gup

The Cockney Cornishman (1990)

Richard Clitheroe

The chanty of the Nona

Hilaire Belloc

The Lamerton Hunt Song

Sabine Baring-Gould (Reverend)