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The Rev. Francis Lyte (1947)

Famous hymn manuscript (1939)

Remains of the late Rev.Henry Francis Lyte,M.A (1850)

Augustus M.Toplady and contemporary hymn-writers (1911)

Thomas Wright

The lives of the British hymnwriters, being personal memoirs derived from unpublished materials: Vol 2 : Augustus M.Toplady (1911)

Thomas Wright

Onward, Christian soldiers: the story of a great hymn

John T. Salisbury

The author of Onward, Christian soldiers

John T. Salisbury

Evening hymns and their authors VII: Now the day is over by...

S. C. Lowry

Some popular hymns, and how they were written

Francis Arthur Jones

Some children's hymns and their authors (1902)

Francis Arthur Jones

Henry Francis Lyte and the story of Abide with me (1957)

Henry James Garland