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Rhine ([1870])

Prout, Samuel

Tobey (1996)

In celebration of Cecil Collins: visionary artist and educator (2008)

Nomi Rowe

Cecil Collins: the Dartington years 1936-1943 (1997)

Winifred Nicholson (2009)

Christopher Andreae

Life of Thomas Stothard, R.A. (1851)

Anna Eliza Bray

Sir Joshua Reynolds: first president of the Royal Academy. (1900)

Walter Armstrong (Sir)

William Payne 1760-1830: topographer and artist of the picturesque (2013)

David Japes

Turner 1775 - 1851: The World of Light and Colour (1993)

Michael Bockemuhl

The St. Ives years: essays on the growth of an artistic phenomenon (1984)

Peter Davies

Thomas Stothard, R.A.: an illustrated monograph (1906)

A. C. Coxhead

Clifford Fishwick: Exeter artist and teacher (2011)

Peter Davies

Dear Susan: letters to a niece (2011)

Ben Hartley

Painting Dorset in watercolour (2009, )

Marilyn Allis

Remembering Robert: R.O.Lenkiewicz as told by his sitters (2010)


Turner in the Tamar Valley: following in Turner's footsteps along the River Tamar (2009)

Diana Cook

A genius for failure: the life of Benjamin Robert Haydon (2009)

Paul O'Keeffe

Rose Hilton: something to keep the balance (2009)

Andrew Lambirth

Light into colour: Turner in the South West (2006)

Sam Smiles (Art historian)

Glyn Mavey's Cornwall (2008)

Glyn Macey

Collins 30-minute sketching (2008)

Alwyn Crawshaw

My 'art': a book of paintings (2006)

Harris, Kenneth M.

The Cornish wonder: a portrait of John Opie (2007)

Viv Hendra

The World of Beryl Cook (2007)

Cook, Beryl

Francis Bacon in St Ives: experiment and transition 1957-62 (2007)

Ben Tufnell

St Ives all round: the paintings of Bryan Pearce (2007)

Janet Axten

Ben Nicholson (2007)

Alan Cotton: from Donegal to the Southern hemisphere : Wednesday 13th September to Saturday 30th September 2006 (1990)

Cotton, Alan

Robert Lenkiewicz: paintings and projects (2006)

Robert ..

The shining sands: artists in Newlyn and St. Ives 1880-1930 (2008)

Tom Cross

Sir Robert Ker Porter (c.1810)

Porthscatho: portrait of a Cornish Art colony (2006)

Chris Insoll

Ben Nicholson (1991)

Jeremy Lewison

[George Whitaker] (c.1870)

E.M.Ward (c.1855)

J. Smyth

[Edward Matthew Ward] (c.1870)

[Henrietta Ward] (c.1865)

[Edward Matthew Ward] (c.1865)

[James Clarke Hook] (c.1880)

James ..

[Erskine Nicol] (c.1880)

John Opie, Esqr. R.A. (1801)

Re-inventing the landscape: contemporary painters and Dorset (2001)

Vivienne Light

Eric Ravilious: imagined realities (2003)

Alan Powers

Pigs must eat on Sundays: Ben Hartley notebooks (2005)

Ben Hartley

Sir Thomas Lawrence (2005)

Michael Levey

[Henry Tanworth Wells] (c.1880)

John Opie, Esqr. R.A. (1798)

Abraham Wivell. Portrait painter and writer on the Shakspeare portraits. (c.1835)

William Holl

[Thomas Webster] (c.1885)

[Walter William Ouless] (c.1885)