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Bath and Wells: A sketchbook by D. S Andrews (2009)

D. S. Andrews

Reference Room ([1952?])

Harold Murray

Artistic licence and historical accuracy (2004)

Mary Freeman

Stockdale's drawings of early nineteenth century Devon (1996)

Todd Gray

[Chagford Plans Drawing by Worth]

Liber veritatis; or, a collection of prints after ... Le Lorrain (1777)

Claude Lorrain

Two essays: one on the author's mode of executing rough sketches (1804)

William Gilpin

Chantry Oct 22/67 (1867)

A sense of place: Lizzie Cox, John Danvers, Paul Hampton, Peter LLoyd-Jones, Michael Upton : a book of drawings ... exhibition . (1981)

Trader's guide to the pencils and graphic instruments (safety) regulations, 1974 ([1978?)

Loan exhibition of English watercolours and drawings (1949)