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It's Devon! It's Devon! Glorious Devon (1936)

Reynolds, Frank

John Bull alarmed at the Railway Ferment (c.1870)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

St.Pancras' Church [Exeter, exterior, showing bell-turret.] (c.1860)

Fred (Pseudonym)

The Exon Scribes in collaboration over Domesday. [Cartoon] ([1920?)

Lega-Weekes, Ethel

The Duke of B---d's Reception at Exeter.[Cartoon of the Duke of Bedford in Exeter Cathedral with description.Drawn by Fuergrock] ([1780?)

Murgoresky Fuergrock

The Duke of B----d's Reception at Exeter.[Cartoon] ([1780?)

Murgoresky Fuergrock

Sad occurrence near Exeter. A Bishop tossed by a Bull and worried by a Martin. [Cartoon drawn by H.B. Pub. by T.McLean] (1845)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

The Exeter Cat and Plymouth Mouse [Cartoon depicting the Bishop of Exeter and Lord John Russell. Drawn by H.B. Pub. by T.McLean] (1834)

A. Duclos

Garge (pronounced Jarge): a selection of amusing cartoons of the lovable Westcountry character ([1968])

Stil (Pseudonym)

Political cartoons, 1906 (1906)

Gould, F. Carruthers

Political cartoons, 1905 (1905)

Gould, F. Carruthers

Political cartoons, 1903 (1903)

Gould, F. Carruthers

The line and dot man (1983)

Lawrence Calvert

[Cartoons] ([1908])

H. Martyr

Michel et Thierry: un royaume pour un puffin ([1970?)

The Beggar's Opera caricatures (1922)

Gay, John

Henri III, a maligned or malignant king?: (aspects of the satirical iconography of Henri de Valois) (1978)

Keith Cameron