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Modern home: an intervention by Edmund de Waal at High Cross House (1999)

Dartington: 60 years of pottery 1933-1993 (1993)

A rare find (2011)

Elizabeth Jones

Documentary and other evidence for medieval and post-medieval ceramic production in Dorset (1989)

Paul Spoerry

The bar-lug pottery of Cornwall (1979)

Hutchinson, Gillian

Mrs Hurn's urn (1987)

Ann Preston-Jones

Cornish gabbroic pottery: the development of a hypothesis (1987)

Henrietta Quinnell

The production and distribution of bronze age pottery in south-west Britain (1990)

Parker-Pearson, Michael

A group of late 18th-century pottery from Town House, Corfe Castle (1997)

Jo Draper

A group of early 13th-century pottery from Sherborne old castle and its wider context (2004)

John Allan

Melbury Abbas: medieval pottery in prespective (1994)

M. S. Ross

Late saxon and medieval pottery from the deserted village of Barrow (?) in Odcombe parish (1979)

Terry Pearson

Post-medieval pottery and clay pipes from Cheddar (1988)

Kenneth James Barton

Later prehistoric pottery from Ham Hill (1988)

Elaine L. Morris (Prehistorian)

Cleeve Abbey: the pottery (1999)

John Allan

Cadbury Castle: prehistoric pottery distribution in the surrounding landscape (2004)

Richard Tabor

The bronze age pottery from Ash Hole, Brixham (1968)

A. M. ApSimon

The shrunken medieval town of Colyford (1975)

Trevor J. Miles

Bronze age pottery from barrows at Berrynarbor, Nymet Tracey and Lovehayne (1973)

Pearce, Susan M.

A Bovey Tracey tin-glazed porcelain fuddling cup (2005)

Brian Adams

Medieval pottery and the dating of deserted settlements on Dartmoor (1994)

John Allan

Roman pottery from North Tawton (2002)

A group of medieval pottery from Haycroft Farm, Membury (2002)

John Allan

Seventeenth-and eighteenth-century pottery waste from the Stella Maris Convent School site, Bideford (2005)

John Allan

A Peterborough sherd from the beach at Wwestward Ho! (2007)

Henrietta Taylor

China or pewter? (1920)

Chapple, William

Plymouth china (1920)

Radford (Lady)

Medieval pottery and other finds from Pigs Paradise, Lundy (2005)

John Allan

Newsletter (1976-)

Torquay Pottery Faience Wares: the Ken Hall collection ([2005])

Brenda Kimber

Troika ceramics of Cornwall (2003)

George Perrott

Dorset country pottery: the kilns of the Verwood district (2002)

Jo Draper

Let's collect Devon pottery: issue no. 2 (2001)

Cornish ware: kitchen and domestic pottery by T.G.Green .. (1996)

Paul Atterbury

Let's collect Devon pottery: issue no. 1, September 1999 (1999)

Barum Art Pottery Society Magazine

Aller Vale art pottery: exhibition catalogue (1998)

Virginia Brisco

Two local costrels in the Museum of Torquay Natural History Society (1953)

Courtenay Arthur Ralegh Radford

North Devon Art Pottery (1998)

Audrey Edgeler

Let's collect cottagewares (1992)

Virginia Brisco

Wesuma ware: the pottery of T.W.Lemon and Son (1997)

Veronica Millen-Walters

South Devon pottery ([1975?)

North Devon pottery ([1974?)

Cornish kitchenware (1996)

Alison Jane Smith

The Poole potteries: February to April 1978 (1978)

A provisional list of imported pottery in post-Roman western Britain and Ireland (1981)

A note on ribbed Durotrigian bowls at Ilchester, Somerset (1964)

J. Stevens Cox

Durotrigian and Romano-British pottery of the first century (1982)

J. Stevens Cox

The ceramic art of Great Britain (1878)

Llewellynn Jewitt

Poole pottery 1873-1973: the first 100 years of the story of (1973)