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[Slapton Chantry] ([1900?])

John Stabb

[Slapton Chantry] (c.1880)

[Slapton Chantry] (c.1880)

Tower in a private garden at Slapton ([1820?])

Mary Greenway

The survey and rental of the chantries, colleges and free chapels, guilds, fraternities, lamps, lights and obits in the county of Somerset as returned in the 2nd year of King Edward VI. A.D. 1548 (1888)

Getting and spending: the accumulation and dispersal of a thirteenth-century clerical fortune (2004)

David N. Lepine

Plymouth chantries (1946)

Charles William Bracken

Slapton College (1959)

H. J. Yallop

The dissolution of the chantries in Devon, 1546-8 (1979)

Orme, Nicholas

The chantry at Burston (1995)

R. Davin

Plymouth (1912)

E. H. Fairbrother

The suppression of the chantries in Ashburton (1967)

H. J. Hanham

Slapton (1900)

[The Old Hall of the Chantry, now Law Library] ([1840?])

John Gendall

[Chantry now Law Library] ([1840?])

John Gendall

The chantries of William Canynges in St.Mary Redcliffe, Bristol: with a survey of chantries in general ... (1950)

Edith E. Williams

The chantry certificates for Cornwall ([1953])

Calendar of Somerset chantry grants, 1548-1603 (1982)

Some religious houses of Totnes (1880)

Edward Windeatt

The chantry certificates for Devon and the city of Exeter (1960)