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Dunster Castle: the people and the place (2007)

Bev Woodger

Shoulsbury Castle, Exmoor, Devon: an Iron Age hillfort and a stone setting on Shoulsbarrow Common (2005, )

Homes and gardens (1972)

John Elliot

The site of "Tracy Castle", Bow (1989)

R. A. Higham

Great Torrington Castle (1987)

R. A. Higham

The Conqueror's castles in Devonshire (1905)

William Richard Lethaby

Bampton Castle: an earthwork survey by the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England and Wales (1991)

W. R. Wilson-North

Compton Castle, in the parish of Marldon, near Torbay, and Paignton (1867)

Charles Spence

Recent repairs to the castle at Exeter (1895)

John B. Phear (Sir)

Compton castle (1905)

Roscoe Gibbs

Repairs to Powderham castle (1903)

H. Michell Whitley

Berry Pomeroy Castle (1915)

H. Michell Whitley

Compton Castle (1939)

A. W. Everett

Excavations at Okehampton Castle, Devon. Part 2: The bailey : a preliminary report (1980)

R. A. Higham

The castle in the Isle of Lundy (1982)

Stephen Dunmore

Excavations at Okehampton Castle, Devon. Part 2: The bailey (1982)

R. A. Higham

Tiverton castle (1972)

Margaret H. M. Allen

Rougemont Castle, Exeter (1971)

Sybil Edmondson

The rebuilding of the hall of Compton Castle (1956)

A. W. Everett

Exeter castle: Its background, origin and history (1966)

E. T. Vachell

Additional discoveries at the Castle, Exeter (1892)

John B. Phear (Sir)

Exeter castle drawbridge (1927)

R. B. M-

Topsham castle (1920)

H. Wilson Holman

Berry Pomeroy Castle (1996)

Stewart Brown

Broadbury and its ancient earthworks (1893)

J. M. Martin (Historian)

Okehampton Castle (1895)

R. N. Worth

The castle, manor-house, and church of Clifton, near Dartmouth (1900)

Maxwell Adams

Tenants of manor of Okehampton (1915)

Tenants of manor held of Okehampton (1915)

Oswald J. Reichel (Reverend)

Exeter castle (1912)

Elijah Chick

Exeter castle (1911)

Veritas (Pseudonym)

Postern door at Exeter castle (1902)

T. N. Brushfield

Gidleigh Castle (1925)

John Sparke Amery

The Castle of Barnstaple (1928)

Bruce W. Oliver

Plympton Castle, Devon (1985)

R. A. Higham

Devon castles: an annotated list (1988)

R. A. Higham

Bampton Castle, Devon: history and archaeology (1990)

R. A. Higham

Homes and gardens - Powderham Castle, Kenton (1971)

John Elliot

The motte at Castle Dyke, Highweek, Newton Abbot, Devon (1953)

Diana Woolner

Totnes Castle: recent excavations by the Ancient Monuments Department, Ministry of Works (1954)

S.E Rigold

Gidleigh castle (1965)

B. E. Wilkinson

Dartmouth castle (1965)

J. M. Slader

Hemyock Castle (1935)

C. Sherwin

Report of the visit to Dunster and Cleeve Abbey (1907)

James Jerman (Archaeologist)

Was there a castle at Axminster? (1986)

R. A. Higham

The excavation of a Saxon cemetery and part of the Norman Castle at North Walk, Barnstaple (1986)

Trevor J. Miles

Dunster Castle: Somerset (1986)

The castles of Devon and Cornwall and forts of the Scilly Isles (1999)

Mike Salter

Watermouth Castle near Ilfracombe, Devon: a short description illustrated with photographs (1951)

Mervyn G. Palmer (Explorer, naturalist and museum curator)