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Shapland and Petter: an oral history (2005)

Shapland & Petter of Barnstaple : celebrating 150 years (2004)

Shapland and Petter Ltd of Barnstaple: Arts & Crafts furniture (2005)

Daryl Bennett

The art of furniture: an exhibition of Arts and Crafts furniture made in Barnstaple by Shapland and Petter 14 May - 25 June 2005 (2005)

Farm and cottage furniture in the West Country (2002)

Gabriel Olive

The Fire at Rawleigh Cabinet Works (Shapland & Petter): Collection of Newspaper Articles (1888)

The centenary of Raleigh works, 1889-1989 (1989)

Shapland & Petter Limited (1981)

The Channon family of Exeter anfd London, chair and cabinet makers (1966)

John Hayward

John Channon and brass inlaid furniture 1730-1760 (1993)

Christopher Gilbert

Survey of NT Shapland's Raleigh Cabinet Works buildings (1995)

Paul Trodd

Shapland and Petter in the nineteenth century (1989)

Mary Christine Cameron

The centenary of Raleigh works, 1889-1989 (1989)

Modern fitted furniture ([1935?)