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A Greek tin trade with Cornwall? (1968)

Laing, Lloyd R.

Cornwall and the early tin trade (1917)

Emanuel Green

Historical sketch of the tin trade in Cornwall, from the earliest period... (1874)

William Copeland Borlase

Observations on the tin trade of the ancients in Cornwall ... (1811)

Christopher Hawkins (Sir)

The Early Tin Trade and the Isle of Ictis (1917)

Emanuel Green

On the Phoenician Tin Trade in Cornwall: with remarks on the great irruption of the sean in the eleventh century, "raised beaches" ... (1868)

Richard Edmonds

The Cassiterides: an enquiry into the commercial operations of the Phoenicians in W.Europe, with partic. ref. to British tin trade (1863)

Smith, George

English tin production and trade before 1550 (1973)

John Hatcher

Letters, remarks etc with a view to open an extensive trade in the arcticle of tin from ... Cornwall to India ... (1790)