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[Hutchings lace shop, the Strand, Exmouth] (c.1885)

Hand-made lace and net. Ebb and flow (1904)

Constance Lee

Honiton lace bobbins (1921)

Emma Louise Radford

The lacemeker's globe (1991)

H. J. Yallop

The making of a myth: the origin of Honiton lace (1984)

H. J. Yallop

Honiton lace-making (1917)

R. B. M-

The teaching of Honiton lacemaking in the early twentieth century (1996)

Susan Bradshaw

The Devon Guild of Craftsmen (1970)

L. S. Landon

Devon lacemakers' songs (1990)

H. J. Yallop

The decoration of Honiton lace bobbins (1990)

H. J. Yallop

Honiton lace making [two women making lace] (c.1883)

Davidson Knowles

Dr.A.I.Sprigg's collection of antique lace (1980)