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Tiverton cloth: the story of the town's woollen trade 1475-1815 (2018)

Peter Maunder

Thomas Kytson and Somerset clothmen, 1529-1539 (2001)

Colin J. Brett

Pensford and the growth of the cloth industry in late medieval Somerset (2004)

John Hare

[Study outbuildings with ?milling or ?smelting equipment outside ([1830?])

John Gendall

Ottery St Mary's worsted factory (2003)

Ronald F. Homer

Coal, clothes and the navigation to Stroud 1730-1780 (1973)

Michael Handford

The Devonshire cloth industry in the early seventeenth century (1970)

David Seward

the Devon cloth industry in the eighteenth century: Sun fire office inventories of merchants' and manufacturers' property, 1726-1770 (1978)

Chapman, Stanley D [ed.]

An act for the reformation of sundry abuses in clothes, called Devonshire kersies or dozens [in annula volume of statutes]: Statutes 1592. Public ; 35 Eliz c. 10 (1593)

An act for true makyng of clothes in Devon called whyte straytes: Statutes 1513. Public ; 5 Hen 8 c. 2 (1552)

A history of the West of England cloth industry (1957)

Kenneth G. Ponting

The cloth industry in the West of England from 1640 to 1880 (1971)

Julia de Lacy Mann

Cloth making in Devon (1986)

Anno xxxv. reginae Elizabethae. At the parliament...were enacted: Statutes 1592. Public ; 35 Eliz (1593)

Anno quinto Henrici octavi. The Kyng ... hath enacted ...: Statutes 1513. Public ; 5 Hen 8 (1552)