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The Devon Orchards Book (2018)

Michael Gee

Julie Jeary, left, and Brenda Aplin pictured in what remains of a grubbed out orchard at Alphington. 23.6.87 (1987)

A Cornish Pomona: a selection of West Country apple varieties (2014)

James Evans

Manmade Eden: historic orchards in Somerset and Gloucestershire (2007)

James Russell

Here's to the old apple tree (2006)

Sandra Chalton

The Common Ground book of orchards: conservation, culture and community (2000)

Dog-Acre Orchard (1976)

J. R. W. Coxhead

Orchards: a practical guide for management (1999)

Cathy Fitzroy

Orchard conservation: advisory sheet ([1997?)

Saving our orchards: a practical guide to managing and caring for traditional orchards in the South Hams ([1990?)

Burcombes, Queenies and Colloggetts: the making of a Cornish (1996)

Virginia Spiers

Devon orchards initiative ([1992?)

Devon orchards initiative: a discussion document (1991)