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Collection of Newspaper Articles on Foot & Mouth Oubreak in North Devon 2001-2004 & 2010

The impact of foot and mouth disease (2001)

Silence at Ramscliffe. foot and mouth in Devon. (2005)

Chapman, Chris

Crisis and opportunity: Devon foot and mouth inquiry 2001 : final report (2002)

Devon foot and mouth inquiry 2001: preliminary report (2001)

Year of the pyres: the 2001 foot-and-mouth epidemic (2001)

Cook, Judith

[ Newspaper cuttings relating to the foot and mouth disease outbreak 2001 extracted from the Western Morning News] (2001)

Foot & mouth: how the Westcountry lived through the nightmare (2001)

Diary of a farming wife: one woman's view of the foot and mouth crisis (2001)

Sally Leaney