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Milking cows at Lee (c.1890)

Coop Dairy. Bath & West display, 1958 (1958)

Coop Dairy ? Bath & West exhibition at Plymouth 1958 (1958)

Co-op Dairy Farm. Bath & West display, Plymouth 1958 (1958)

Dairy farm coop. Bath & West, Plymouth 1958 (1958)

Coop Dairy Farm. Bath & West display, 1958 (1958)

Coop Dairy Farm. Bath & West dairy display, Plymouth 1958 (1958)

Coop Farm. Bath & West display, Plymouth 1958 (1958)

Plymouth Coop Farm. Display Bath & West, Plymouth 1958 (1958)

Some aspects of the development of English dairying, 1860-1930, and their relation to the South-West (1972)

David Taylor

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Victor Howell Beynon

A countryman's diary (1980)

W. J. Nott

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Victor Howell Beynon

Some consideration on the feeding of dairy cows

Victor Howell Beynon

Farm study scheme: sample studies of individual farms : Great Britain : 4. A dairy farm in the Westcountry - 3rd rev. ed ([1979])

Seasonality of milk production and milk yields from grazing (1965)

J. A. Langley

Dairy farm incomes, 1967 (1978)

Henry William Bryant Luxton

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Henry William Bryant Luxton

Summer milk production: a study in south west England (1974)

Henry William Bryant Luxton

Seasonality of milk output: a preliminary report on summer milk production in the South West (1962)

J. A. Langley

Supply response in milk production: a new study in methodology (1969)

Robert George Cason

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Victor Howell Beynon

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Victor Howell Beynon

Dairy farming in Dorset (1970)

Victor Howell Beynon

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J. A. Langley

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Victor Howell Beynon

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John McInerney

The transition from tradition to technology: a history of the dairy industry in Devon (1991)

Peter Sainsbury

Readjustments to dairying: an analysis of changes in dairy farming in England ... following the introduction of milk quotas (1989)

John McInerney

Any fool can be a dairy farmer. (1989)

Robertson, James

The effect of milk quotas on milk producing farms: a study of registered milk producers in the Honiton and Torrington areas .. (1987)

Joyce Halliday

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B. R. Nixon