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The annual report and balance sheet, together with divisional and branch reports, balance sheets, lists of members and subscriptions for 1929 (1930)

Bees in clover (2009)

Jean Rose

Bee boles and other beekeeping structures in Devon (1995)

Penelope Walker

Apiarium; or a discourse of the government and ordering of bees (1678)

John Worlidge

Transactions (1800-)

Annual report

Beekeeping (1935-)

Bee boles and other beekeeping structures in Devon (1995)

Robert B. Ogden

Devon's beekeeping past (1994)

Robert B. Ogden

In pursuit of liquid gold (2001)

Robert B. Ogden

Yearbook 1999 (1999)

Everything for the beekeeper: price list (1962)

Beekeeping. Sept 1959 (1959)

The story of the Western Apiarian Society (1952)

H. M. Fraser

That year at Cornborough: a beekeeper's journal (1996)

Bernard Tinsley

Beeswax (1981)

Ronald H. Brown

Bee-keeping at Buckfast Abbey: with a section on meadmaking (1975)

Brother Adam

One thousand years of Devon beekeeping (1975)

Ronald H. Brown

Handbook 1980 (1980)

Exeter Bee Supplies '88 (1988)

Skeps: their history, making and use (1987)

Frank Alston