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[Windmill at the Point, Exmouth] (c.1820)

A Cornish windmill (1989)

Anthony Hitchens Unwin

[Windmill, South coast] (1846)

J. G. Fuller

Paintings of four Devon windmills (1983)

Walter E. Minchinton

Windmills in Devon and Cornwall (1921)

Chope, R. Pearse

More tidemills - and another windmill (1989)

Walter E. Minchinton

Yet further Devon windmills (1980)

Walter E. Minchinton

[Windmill near Churston Ferrers, Devon] ([1860?)

Ellis, F.J. [attrib]

English windmills. (1932)

Donald Smith

Windmills and water mills (1970)

Reynolds, John

English windmills. (1930)

M. I. Batten

Windmills (1923)

Frank Brangwyn

British windmills and watermills (193-)

C. P. Skilton

A source book of windmills and watermills (1979)

Rex Wailes

Before the builders spoilt the landscape [history of Paignton windmill] ([1960])

Cicely Jenkins

Victorian and Edwardian windmills from old photographs (1977)

Windmills of Somerset and the men that worked them (1978)

Alfred J. Coulthard

Cornish windmills (1963)

H. L. Douch

Windmills of Devon (1977)

Walter E. Minchinton

Mill at Exmouth (1829)

F. Martens