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Saint Teara's Well Chittlehampton: transcribed from writings and research notes ([2003?])

J. H. B. Andrews (Reverend Prebendary)

Well of happiness (1967)

David Harwood

St Sidwell (1924)

R. B. M-

St Sidwell (1924)

Lega-Weekes, Ethel

Wishing well at Dawlish. 16.9.1991 (1991)

Libbet's Well, Crediton ([1960?])

Bertram Authers

[Well at Widecombe-in-the-Moor] ([1900?])

John Stabb

Widecombe ([1899])

Falcon, T. A.

[Well at Widecombe-in-the-Moor, November 1899] ([1899])

Falcon, T. A.

[Sheepstor Well] ([1930?])

Thompson, G.Rudd [attributed]

[Fernworthy Well] (c.1895)

[Fice's Well] ([1930?])

Thompson, G.Rudd [attributed]

[Fice's Well] ([1905?])

Falcon, T. A.

[Fice's Well] ([1905?])

Falcon, T. A.

Dig near St.Edmund's Church, Nov 1975: 15th century well (1975)

Norman well (1934)

Norman (Family name)

[Libbets Well, Crediton] (c.1870)

[Windlass well beside a cottage] ([1850?])

The old well, Widecombe-in-the-Moor ([1910?])

Old ..

[Well on Dartmoor]: well] (1930)

G. Rudd Thompson

Well, near St. Austell, Cornwall (1810)

J Rowe

[ Pixie Well at Fernworthy] (c.1900)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

[ T.N.F.C at Fernworthy well] (c.1900)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

Dripping Well, Anchor Wood, Barnstaple (c.1890)

Ancient well ([1921])

[ Well at 109 Fore Street, Exeter] (1934)

W. Weaver Baker

[White Well, Bishopsteignton] ([1860?])

Cresswell, Richard

White Well, Haldon ([1860?])

Cresswell, Richard

Wells and springs of Dorset (1926)

William Whitaker

Records of wells in the area around Frome and Devizes (1975)

Wells and springs of Somerset: with a bibliography of the Bath thermal waters (1928)

L Richardson

Fices's Well ([1826])

P.H Rogers

Plymouth (1811)

Prout, Samuel